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Aspects to consider before buying a playground

Buying playgrounds for businesses is a big step forward for many companies. Before you dive into the joys of choosing equipment, you should first consider several options. Below we show you some aspects to take into account before buying a playground that will help you choose the best playground for your hotel, campsite or restaurant.

Buying a playground: Recommendations

1. Planning the location: It seems like a no-brainer, but it is important to think about the best location for the park and take into account the space available. An incorrect location can be a nuisance or hindrance, on the other hand, if we take into account some basic aspects such as: not blocking accesses commonly used within the garden, not blocking the visibility of the landscape, avoiding the proximity of doors, etc. it will favor the correct integration of the park within the garden and will add functionality and value to little-used spaces.

2. Choosing an appropriate size: it is important to choose a size that is proportional to the available space in our garden, a very large park in a small garden will give us a feeling of saturation, making the garden smaller than it really is. Choosing a park according to the dimensions of the garden will provide proportionality to the whole complex and a good visual sensation. In the same way, if we install a very small park in a very large and open space, the park will not look as it should and may look ridiculous, in this case it is better to install it in a corner or in a more secluded space in our garden.

3. Security space: all parks require a security space around, in which there can be no obstacles, or elements that could harm the user while using the game. All the parks incorporate a dimension sheet to be able to plan the location correctly.

4. Durability: if what we want is to extend the years of use and not fall into disuse in a short time, then it is advisable to opt for a higher slide. In this way we will ensure that the child enjoys the park as he grows up. We can also choose a park that incorporates a climbing wall or a climbing net, since these are activities that can be used for older children.

If you have any doubts or questions about how to install the Juegoyjardin playgrounds, get in touch with our online playground store and we will help you find the park that best suits your needs.