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Educational Toys Discover our collection of toys for outdoors and indoors EDUCATIONAL TOYS
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Parques Infantiles

educational toys

Playgrounds for children

Outdoor physical exercise

Children's games promote physical exercise and mental development of children while promoting socialization and shared play among their users.

Experimentation and skill

Boys and girls experiment and improve their skills step by step, overcoming new daily challenges and all this enjoying and playing outdoors.

Accessories and spare parts

Our games are manufactured taking care of the smallest detail. Consult our catalog of accessories and spare parts available for your parks.

Modern playgrounds

Buy playground at the best price

Buying a playground is very simple, you just have to plan the available space, choose the model that best suits your needs and in fifteen days you will receive it at home. You can choose between different formats depending on the age or abilities of your child: playground with slide, swings, climbing walls or climbing walls... Depending on the age of your child you can choose parks of greater or lesser height: in the description you can see the specifications and the heights of the launch platforms of the slide, which range from 0.90m for the smallest to 1.45m for the largest children. The parks are completely safe and approved and allow several users to play simultaneously. The playground flooring material is important: a sand floor on the playground is ideal and very safe, but you can also install it on grass. If you do not have natural land, you can use rubber flooring for a playground; Ask us for the price of rubber tiles for playgrounds. Installation is very simple and fun and everything you need for it will be sent to you together with very clear and detailed assembly instructions.

Are you looking for an outdoor playground, a playground for public use, a playground for private use or maybe a playground for businesses? We have playgrounds for all kinds of uses and sizes: large playgrounds and small playgrounds, with a climbing wall, with swings, with a slide and much more.

Why buy a playground?

You definitely want to see your kids running around the park and having fun every afternoon after they do their homework. The park strengthens the parent-child bond and increases the bond through fun early childhood experiences, which is the most important thing. Getting out of the routine and doing physical activity is crucial in the early years, without forgetting the friendships that can be formed in these spaces for play and coexistence.

What are playgrounds for?

Playgrounds do a lot for our children. The main thing is that they provide them with fun. Although they also contribute to their development, which is based on three fundamental pillars: cognitive, physical and social development.

What are the advantages of buying a playground?

When setting up a family home, one of the most attractive factors in the area is undoubtedly the presence of the children's playground. Especially if you live in a city, you know how important it is to have an outdoor space where children can run around safely and have a good time together.

How to equip a playground?

When you have chosen a place for a playground in your garden, you should consider what equipment for a playground will be useful. First of all, the furniture elements must be adapted to the size of the garden and the space for children. Let us also take into account the need to leave free space between the game and other garden elements, especially protruding, hard or pointed elements, to allow children freedom of movement.

Where to buy a playground?

There are numerous stores for playgrounds to install at home. However, at Juegoyjardin we have everything you need; parks of all sizes, with a house, with a slide, with swings or other accessories that you will need to complement your garden.

Quality playgrounds

Playgrounds for children, swings, slide and much more. In our online store you can find a wide range of outdoor playgrounds for gardens. We offer different formats, configurations and sizes that adapt to any space. You can buy spectacular towers with slides, wooden playgrounds with swings, furniture, playgrounds with sandpits, swings with climbing walls and all kinds of products to equip your garden. A playground encourages development, psychomotor activity and physical exercise, while children improve their skills by playing and experimenting outdoors. They are safe and approved playgrounds, made of top quality wood, resistant to the exterior and the entire manufacturing process is certified under quality, sustainability and respect for the environment guidelines. We try to offer the best service and customer care with the mission and goal of being the best playground company.

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