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Wooden playgrounds: types and finishes

Juegoyjardin wooden playgrounds are made of Nordic pine wood. It is the most used natural material in construction, thanks to its hardness, lightness and resistance to outdoor use. Due to its naturalness, it is important to apply a good surface finish, thus guaranteeing greater durability of the material. These finishes can have different levels of protection and aesthetic quality. Below we will compare the different treatments, their advantages and disadvantages.

Wooden playgrounds for children

Natural KDI primer: it is the quintessential treatment for wood for exterior use. The abbreviation KDI in woods means pressure impregnation. It is a procedure that consists of applying a liquid solution at high pressure, impregnating the wood from the surface to the core. In this way, perfect protection against pests, humidity, weathering is achieved and prolongs the useful life of the product. This solution is completely harmless to the user and harmless to the environment. This procedure tries to maintain the natural color of the wood, despite the fact that when we unpack the new playpen and during the first weeks of use, the wood may have some greenish tones that will gradually disappear after a short time. It may be the least aesthetic option of all, but it is the most efficient for the protection of wood. There is always the possibility of applying a varnish, stain or oil to give the park a better aesthetic quality. In this way we have the best protection and the desired aesthetics.

White and Gray paint: surface treatment in this case a combination of white and gray colors is applied. This finish is especially oriented for home gardens with modern and minimalist architecture. With this finish we managed to integrate the park into a design environment without sacrificing the quality and properties of the wood.

As a summary we can among the following options:

- If we want good protection and less maintenance: KDI Primer

- If we prioritize aesthetics above all: Teak color paint.

- If we like minimalist architecture and modern design: Gray white finish.

- If we prefer to live in a rustic environment: KDI primer + brown color.

What if we want it all? Then KDI primer and once installed we paint or varnish with the color that we like best.

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