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Children's climbing walls for home. What do they provide?

Children's climbing walls are facilities specially prepared for children, so that they can learn to climb. At Juegoyjardin we have built small climbing walls with climbing supports for children who go to outdoor parks or indoor areas to enjoy the sport. We offer a variety of colors for its manufacture that you can see in the selection of playgrounds with climbing walls.

These games for young children are designed to provide benefits on a physical level, improving physical activity and socialization as they benefit relationships with other children. Also on a psychological level, they offer many advantages, such as personality development.

Benefits of using children's climbing walls

The benefits of using climbing walls at home or in playgrounds could be classified into two groups: at the functional level of the park itself and at the level of personal development of the user.

At a functional level, a climbing wall provides the park with a very difficult element of access to the game, therefore it is an element used for older children, consequently it will prolong the time of use of the game, preventing it from losing interest as it grows. the boy or girl grows up and the park falls into disuse sooner.

At the level of personal development, the benefits for the user are several:

- Psychomotor development improving coordination of limbs, legs, arms, hands and sight.

- Promotes concentration and attention during exercise.

- Progression in the discovery of abilities during growth.

- Physical activity improving agility, strength and balance.

- The practice of this sport helps to combat a sedentary lifestyle.

- Improves psychomotor coordination between eyes, arms and legs.

- When they see their progress, they gain self-confidence, which benefits their self-esteem and helps improve focus and concentration.

- It also helps them improve their flexibility and stamina due to the type of movement they do when climbing.

- With this practice they can combat stress and improve relaxation.

- If practiced in a group, it favors cooperation and socialization among team members.

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