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Models of playgrounds

On the market we find different models of playgrounds for gardens or playgrounds for outdoor use, which depending on their configuration offer different playful functions for the child.

Diferent models of playgrounds you can find

The Towers: they are usually large playgrounds, especially taller, without the need to take up a lot of space throughout the garden. As its name indicates, the configuration consists of a tower, normally with a gabled roof and a slide as the main element. From this configuration we can find the following additional elements: ropes with knots for climbing, inclined ramps, climbing walls, mobile rope ladders, etc... These are elements that are used to access the tower in a more or less difficult way and are designed to improve motor skills. They can also incorporate toys such as binoculars, telescopes and steering wheels that complement the activities of the tower, providing symbolic play-type functions, which will favor the mental and imaginative development of the child.

Tower and Swing Set: it is the "all-in-one" option, that is, they are tower-type playgrounds like those described above to which a swing structure is attached. In this way, another playful function is added to the park: swinging. Tower sets are a good solution if we want to make the most of the space occupied by the game and have as many playful functions as possible on the same computer. In this way we do not have the need to occupy two spaces or duplicate security areas as would happen if we installed a tower and a swing separately. In the tower sets we can have double or individual swings and there are also options that incorporate climbing rope nets and sandboxes under the shade of the tower for the little ones. Discover here the playgrounds with built-in swings.

Playsets or game parks: it is the most popular or well-known option for children's playgrounds for gardens. It could be defined as a compact version of the Tower Sets, although we find some very large and spectacular models. The setup is similar to the swing tower sets, but the heights of the towers are slightly lower. There are all sizes available and for all ages, from the smallest with a slide height of 0.9m and 1.75m in length to the largest with slides of 2.9m in length and a height of 1.45m. In the Playsets we find all kinds of possible configurations: with or without sandboxes, climbing walls, ropes and climbing elements of all kinds, picnic tables, swings, wooden houses of different sizes, balconies or terraces, etc... In short, it is the option more popular since in this type of products we find different options of sizes, activities and prices, which best suit the needs of the user and the buyer.

Swings: it is the most economical option to equip our garden, but not for that reason the least fun. The swing always offers safe fun for all ages, occupying the minimum space in the garden. The swing has a great capacity to adapt as the child grows thanks to the possibilities we have of exchanging seats adapted to each age, starting with the baby seat with a belt, up to the trapeze or ring bar for the largest , going through the flat seat. In short, it is a very recurring, economical and long-lasting option of use. We can also opt for an improved option that incorporates a small tower or pyramid on one of the sides, in which the swing is complemented with elements for climbing like climbing walls and rope nets. Discover here the children's swings.

Wooden houses: they can be elevated or at ground level. It is a type of game that offers an intimate space for meeting and socializing. Children's garden houses allow players to practice symbolic games, socialize with friends and family, conversations, meetings, etc... it will become a personal outdoor play space. They often incorporate a slide. Discover here the best children's wooden houses.

We hope that you have been able to visualize all the models of playgrounds that we have available for you. Which one did you like the most? We look forward to your comments. See you in the next article!